How to protect eyes from infections, proper care should be taken during summers.

Dry eye syndrome is a condition that can be exacerbated in summers. Just like our body. Our eyes, especially the cornea, can become dehydrated during this season. Dryness of the eyes, along with burning, itching and discharge is a common problem during this time on this year. People, who work on computers for long hours, normally face this problem. To avoid this problem, you should take frequent breaks from the computer screen. Palm your eyes and if the dryness persists, use lubricating eye drops. Rest your eyes regularly. Work in a well-lit environment to avoid straining your eyes.

Dr Mridula Mehta, senior consultant ophthalmologist. Says, “Maintaining hand and eyes hygiene along with proper lighting and monitor placement, if working on a computer, will prevent common infections and eye strain.”  Woman are more prone to dry eyes compared to men  and must be treated to avoid further complications like damage of the eyes and loss of vision. It is advisable to use to use lubricants in low moisture environments like airplances, air-conditioned offices, etc. Also it helps to use a humidifier indoors and reducing air flow from fans and air conditioning. It is important to take a vitamin-rich diet to make eyes healthy.

Tip sheet

  1. Avoid direct blowing of air in and around the eyes.
  2. Make sure to be in a moisture-rich environment.
  3. Go for wraparound sunglasses or add safety shields.
  4. Take frequent eye breaks and blink repeatedly during long tasks.
  5. Position all screens below eye level.
  6. Use lubricating eye drops regularly. 




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