Getting fit under water

A swimming pool offers relief from summer heat and makes fir an excellent exercising ground. Picture underwater squats and lungs. Exercising in the pool is a good alternative ti unload the body when it fatigues from intense land-base exercises. “Aqua jogging, flutter kicking (low-impact cardio exercise performed with or without a kickboard ), leg lifts, standing water push-ups and arm curls are some easy-to-do water exercises you can try. Many pools and gyms are offering regular batches in water boxing, aqua step as well as introducing specialised equipment that can be used for different exercises underwater,” says fitness expert Dr Arun Kumar. Underwater strength training is the newest to join the water workouts bandwagon. It is a low-Impact exercise and boosts both heart rate and muscle strength.

Underwater workout also have the potential to appeal to a wider range of people because regardless of your fitness level, there is a good chance that you can enjoy them. Adding to this, there are many benefits of underwater workouts which have led to its popularity in recent reasons is that you can exercise underwater even while recovering from an injury or with health problems. It allows you to continue exercising without putting any stress on your injury. The buoyancy of the water reduces weight, therefor putting significantly less stress on joints, bones and muscles. Also, because your body is supported by water your heart rate is slightly lower, meaning aquatic therapy is relatively safe for obese individuals, pregnant women and those suffering from hypertension and heart disease,” adds Kumar.


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    Another point of focus is the “underwaters. Given the speed/propulsion and energy required, it”s the highest efficiency stage of freestyle the cost only being oxygen deprivation that may have to be paid later. But if a swimmer focuses on oxygen management and maximize their underwaters, this is another element in middle/long distance swims that was heretofore never exploited to its fullest. Our age group coach focuses underwater drills every day to build these oxygen reserves for competition.

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